I’m running to be the voice for students, parents, and teachers on the Board of Trustees of Victor Valley Union High School District, representing Area 1. It’s time for a high school teacher who has always worked at a comprehensive secondary school to serve as an advocate for the very people who attend, send their children to, and work at comprehensive secondary schools. 

 For years, we have seen class sizes increase and our campuses become less safe. We have seen a shift in how students can be disciplined and, although these new disciplinary methods are more equitable than those of the past, teachers have received little to no support or training in implementing these alternative methods. During that same time, we have seen workloads increase for teachers, leaving them with less time to plan and deliver the engaging lessons our students deserve. And even though our students are reporting higher levels of anxiety than ever before, little has been done to address students’ mental health. In recent years, the hiring of counselors and school site therapists has remained virtually stagnant.

Let’s work together to make Victor Valley Union High School District schools earn a spot among the safest, most welcoming, most innovative schools. Together, we can provide for our students’ physical, emotional, and educational well-being and prepare our scholars for work and life in the 21st century.